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Lentor Central is the first land plot to be sold in the up and coming Lentor area. Successfully bid by renowned developer Guocoland, Lentor Central will be the most anticipated launch of 2022/2023. 

An estimated timeline for the launch of this land plot is as follows: 

✅  Residential with Commercial at First Storey
✅  Right next to Lentor MRT for utmost convenience
✅  First mover advantage: more land parcels coming up
✅  Land Sold on 29 July 2021
✅  Public Launch: Est Q4 2022

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Update on Lentor Central Site as at 29 July 2021

Award of Tender for URA Sale Site at Lentor Central

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has awarded the tender for the site at Lentor Central to GLL D Pte. Ltd. The company submitted the highest bid in the tender for the site.

The site at Lentor Central was launched for tender on 15 April 2021. The tender for the site closed on 22 July 2021. The land parcel was offered for sale on 99-year lease term.


Update on Lentor Central GLS as at 22 July 2021

22 July GuocoLand tops bid for Lentor Central site with $1,204 psf ppr; sets new record for OCR land prices

The tender for the Lentor Central government land sale (GLS) site closed with nine bids today. The highest bid of $784.1 million, which translates to a land rate of $1,204 psf per plot ratio (psf ppr), was submitted by GuocoLand.

“If we are awarded the site, we are envisioning a new mixed-use, transit-oriented development of 25 storeys with around 600 residences that will enjoy the convenience of having a substantial amount of commercial, F&B and retail spaces, including a supermarket and more than 10,000 sq ft of child care facilities,” says GuocoLand in a statement.

The price was 4.5% higher than the second highest bid of $1,152 psf ppr by Hong Leong Group and TID Pte Ltd, a joint venture between Hong Leong and Japanese developer Mitsui Fudosan.

The top bid of $1,204 psf ppr is also 7.7% higher than the winning bid of $1,118 psf ppr for the Ang Mo Kio Avenue GLS tender which closed in May 2021.

Update on Lentor Central GLS as at 22 July 2021

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) closed the tender for the site at Lentor Central today.

The public tender for the site at Lentor Central was launched on 15 April 2021.

2 Land Plots named “Lentor Central”

Please note that there are 2 land plots named “Lentor Central”, as per URA’s website; this article is referring to the land plot that is marked for Commercial at the First Storey. 

(This article) Lentor Central land plot, marked as Residential with Commercial at First Storey. 
See on URA Maps

Another land plot also named Lentor Central, marked for Residential only. 
See on URA Maps

Land Parcel at Lentor Central

Allowable Development : Residential with Commercial at 1st Storey
Site Area: 17,279.9 m²

Maximum Permissible GFA : 60,480 m²
Date of Launch : 15 APRIL 2021
Date Tender Closed : 22 JULY 2021
Lease Period : 99 YEARS

1GLL D Pte. Ltd.784,113,000.0012,964.83
2Intrepid Investments Pte. Ltd., Hong Realty (Private) Limited and TID Residential Pte. Ltd.750,000,000.0012,400.79
3Titus Residential SG Pte. Ltd. and Titus Commercial SG Pte. Ltd.736,547,000.0012,178.36
4Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd and Sunway Developments Pte. Ltd.705,260,000.0011,661.04
5United Venture Investments (No. 1) Pte. Ltd. (as Trustee-Manager for United Venture Trust) and United Venture Development (No. 3) Pte. Ltd.691,180,000.0011,428.24
6Grand Cullinan Pte. Ltd.683,688,888.0011,304.38
7CEL Development Pte. Ltd., Sing-Haiyi Treasure Pte. Ltd., Chuan Investments Pte. Ltd. and Jun Jie Development Pte. Ltd.658,000,000.0010,879.63
8Laguna Garden Limited and FEL Retail Trustee Pte. Ltd. (In its capacity as Trustee- Manager of FEL Retail Trust)637,777,777.0010,545.27
9Sim Lian Land Pte Ltd590,000,000.009,755.29

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Lentor Modern (Lentor Central GLS) Street View

About Lentor Central

Lentor Central is a plot of land released under the GLS (Government Land Sales) Programme, slated for the development of a Residential project with commercial at the first storey. 

Sales Launch Date: 15 April 2021, Thursday
Tender Submission Date: 22 July 2021, Thursday

Site Area : 17,279.9 m²
Gross Floor Area : 60,480 m²

Site Introduction

Good accessibility

The land parcel is located within the new Lentor Hills Estate which is envisioned as a sustainable, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood amidst lush greenery.

Located next to the upcoming Lentor MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, future residents will enjoy direct access via public transport to Woodlands Regional Centre, the Central Business District and various parts of Singapore.

Proximity to schools, future amenities and park spaces

Established schools such as Presbyterian High School, Anderson Primary School, and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School are located nearby.

Future residents can look forward to retail options located within the upcoming mixed-use development and enjoy recreation choices at the future hillock and linear parks.

Location: Lentor Central
Site Area: 17,279.9 m2
Lease Period: 99 years
Allowable Development: Residential with Commercial at 1st Storey
Permissible Gross Floor Area: 60,480 m2
Maximum Building Height:
Low-rise zone : 35m SHD
High-rise zone : 107m SHD

Project Completion Period: 60 months


Site Context

The Land Parcel is part of the new Lentor Hills Estate, which is set within a predominantly private housing area in Ang Mo Kio Planning Area. Lentor Hills Estate is bordered by Lentor Estate to the north, Teachers’ Housing Estate to the south, Sindo Industrial Estate to the west and a mix of private and public housing to east.

The Land Parcel is designated for private housing development located above commercial uses at the first storey, which are intended to provide amenities, such as retail shops and a supermarket to serve the surrounding community.

The Land Parcel will be directly connected to Lentor MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line. It is also well connected to major arterial roads and expressways such as the upcoming North-South Corridor (NSC), and within easy reach to recreational facilities such as Thomson Nature Park, Yio Chu Kang Stadium & Sports Complex, and educational institutions such as Presbyterian High School, Anderson Primary School, and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’.


Lentor Hills Estate is envisioned as a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood amidst lush greenery with excellent connectivity to public transport. It is intended to provide a mix of high-rise, medium-rise and landed housing options, as well as new amenities, such as retail options and a supermarket. New park spaces will also be implemented as part of the estate to serve the neighbourhood.

The proposed development on the Land Parcel is envisioned as a gateway to the Lentor Hills Estate and the future Hillock Park. It shall be lushly landscaped to enhance the overall sense of greenery in the area and include an attractive living environment that promotes and active lifestyle with the greenery. It shall also include a well-designed public plaza that provides a welcoming sense of arrival to the estate and the future Hillock Park and enable seamless and direct connectivity to/from public transportation nodes such as the Lentor MRT station and bus stops.

The Successful Tenderer is expected to build upon the unique context of the Land Parcel and employ innovative building typologies of appropriate form and scale in the proposed development that responds sensitively to existing developments (e.g. landed homes) the future Hillock Park and the Lentor MRT Station Entrance 1 .


Land Use and Quantum

The Land Parcel is to be developed for Residential development with Commercial at first storey. The maximum permissible Gross Floor Area (GFA) for the proposed development is 60,480 m 2 and the total GFA to be built is not to be less than 54,432 m2 . A minimum 1,000 m 2 GFA of Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) shall be provided on the first or second storey of the development. The Successful Tenderer may also provide two ECDCs, each with a minimum 500 m 2 of GFA within the development.

A maximum 8,000 m2 of GFA may developed for Commercial use at the first storey of the proposed development with a minimum 1,000 m2 of GFA for a supermarket.

The supermarket is required to be retained and operated for a minimum of 10 years from the date of the Temporary Occupation Permission (TOP) for the development, or the TOP for the Commercial component if a phased TOP is adopted. After the initial 10-year period of operation, the Successful Tenderer may convert the supermarket space to other Commercial uses, subject to the approval of URA and relevant agencies.

The remaining Commercial GFA can be considered for the following uses:

  1. Shop and restaurant [including Outdoor Refreshment Areas (ORAs), if provided]; and
  2. Other Commercial uses such as office, commercial school, fitness centre, gym, medical clinic, etc. as may be approved by the Competent Authority under the Planning Act (Cap. 232).

Commercial uses, such as bars, pubs, karaoke lounges, night clubs, health centres (e.g. massage parlours), that may result in disamenity to residents of the proposed development and surrounding developments, are not allowed.

Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) Facility

The proposed development is to include an Early Childhood Development Centre(s) 4 (ECDC) for infant care and childcare services. The ECDC shall occupy a minimum GFA of 1,000 m 2 and is expected to accommodate a total of up to 200 children (including infants). The GFA for the ECDC need not be computed as part of the maximum cap of 8,000 m 2 specified under Condition 4.2.2 and 4.2.4 but shall be computed as part of the maximum permissible GFA for the proposed development.

The ECDC is required to be retained and operated for a minimum of 10 years from the date of the grant of license for the ECDC. The ECDC is to be held as part of the single strata lot as mentioned in Condition 4.4.

Uses at First Storey

Activity-Generating Uses (AGUs) such as Shops and Restaurants, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation (including gymnasium and fitness centres, etc.) and other similar uses, are encouraged to be provided at the first storey of the proposed development fronting the public spaces and the covered walkways along Lentor Drive and Lentor Hills Road, to contribute to the vibrancy at the street level.

The Successful Tenderer is given flexibility to propose some commercial uses at the second storey depending on design merits, taking into consideration the location, site context, traffic, and impact on the surroundings, subject to the prevailing Development Control (DC) Guidelines.

Outdoor Refreshment Areas (ORAs)

Outdoor refreshment areas (ORAs) are permitted at the first storey of the development as a natural extension to the indoor seating area within an adjacent restaurant or café. Where provided, the ORAs are to be located and designed such that pedestrian circulation and safety are not compromised. The ORAs are also to be appropriately managed such that they do not cause dis-amenity to residents of existing developments nearby and to future residents of the proposed development.

The GFA for the ORAs will be computed as part of the maximum permissible GFA for the Land Parcel and as part of the maximum allowable 8,000 sqm for Commercial use, as defined under Condition 4.2.2, and subject to the prevailing Development Control Guidelines issued by the Competent Authority under the Planning Act.

Integration of Rapid Transit System (RTS) – Related Structures

The existing at-grade Lentor MRT Station Entrance 1 within the Land Parcel is a permanent structure and comprises a pair of two-way escalators, staircases and passenger lift as well as other RTS facilities and systems including cooling tower and vent shafts. Only minor alteration and addition on the facades fronting the parcel shall be allowed, subject to compliance with LTA’s requirements as set out in Annexes C-2, C-3 and clauses 7.2.25 to 7.2.41 of the Conditions and Requirements of Relevant Competent Authorities & Public Utility Licensees.

The Successful Tenderer shall carry out works and integrate the MRT Entrance structure as part of the overall building form and architectural treatment of the development without interruptions to RTS operation and maintenance. The sheltered public circulation around the structure including the covered walkway network and the key pedestrian access to the public plaza via a safeguarded Knock-out-Panel at ground level shall be well integrated to provide an attractive sense of arrival and a seamless pedestrian experience.

Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Infrastructure Provision

To future-proof new development sites in Singapore, the Successful Tenderer is required to have active and passive provision of EV charging points for the proposed development.

Active provision refers to charging points that are fully wired and ready for use by EVs. Passive provision refers to catering of sufficient electrical power at the consumer switch room(s) and/or substation(s) to allow more chargers to be installed and activated easily when demand increases in future. As a start, the Successful Tenderer is to ensure at least 15% of the total car-park lots can minimally support 3-Phase AC Type 2 chargers with power output of 7kW per charging point (i.e. passive provision), of which at least 1% must be installed with EV charging points (i.e. active provision]. The detailed requirements are set out in Clauses 7.2.50 to 7.2.52 of the Conditions and Requirements of Relevant Competent Authorities and Public Utility Licensees.